What am I paying you for?

Calming emotionally charged clients

During a financial crisis, emotions can fluctuate widely; negative emotions can dampen client's energy and robs them of their objectivity. Fear, anger, and shame stall client's ability to make decisions.

Elements of Thriving.

Characteristics of advisors thriving in difficult times

In our work with executives, those who are most successful are knowledgeable about their strengths and weaknesses. It wasn't that their strengths and weaknesses were so different; it was that they were managed better.

How can I trust you now?

Rebuilding client relationships

The financial crisis of 2008 and 2009 as well as other events has caused tremendous damage to client/advisor relationships. "You financial advisors, you are all about the money, the fees and what's in it for you!"

Our Mission

The pursuit of defining success

To define the psychological characteristics that contribute to the success of leaders and professionals. This is supported by working with those two groups to:

Define the criteria of success, and Do research on the qualities that contribute to success.

To educate professionals and leaders about the qualities, which will contribute to their success.


Evaluation and Instruction Related to Success

Our services section is currently being developed.

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